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Join us at GrowthCLUB September 2015!

OKC growthclub September 2015


Mark your calendars for Friday, Sept. 25th! My quarterly GrowthCLUB to help you scale up your business is coming up quickly!

As a business owner, one day every quarter, it’s vital for you to step out of the business and refocus! This session will give you clarity in these areas of your business:Cash flow: Growth in business sucks cash! This is oxygen for your business. Learn how to make sure you have a consistent source of cash to fuel your business growth, create options, and make good decisions!7 Strata of Strategy: Verne Harnish calls this the plan behind the plan. How do you develop a brand promise that separates you from others in your industry? How do you implement owning certain words in the minds of your target market? Can all of your team state your company’s strategy in a simple phrase that aligns and empowers their efforts? I will help you find clarity on questions like these to build a solid strategy to grow your business!

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Win a Free Trip to the Mexican Riviera!

Here’s how to earn a free week on the Mexican Riviera at one of its most exclusive resorts Hacienda Tres Rios

Nestled in a 326-acre pristine nature park near Playa del Carmen, Hacienda Tres Ríos is a beachfront Riviera Maya All-Inclusive resort forty-five minutes south of Cancún’s International Airport.

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Join Us at the 2016 Business Excellence Awards!

BEF 2016 Earlybird

What a weekend! We just got back from the 2015 Business Excellence Forum and won three HUGE awards! So proud of these men!

Next year, the forum will be held in Orlando Florida on February 21-23rd, 2016 (more info to be announced). If you reserve your tickets now, you can save $1,505!!! We only have 3 early bird tickets left at a steeply discounted price! Get in contact with us today to reserve your spot!

What is the Business Excellence Forum & Awards?

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April SOLD OUT! Reserve your spot for October 1st!

April 2015 Scaling up workshop- Sold out

A Big Announcement!

I’m very pleased to announce that, after a lifetime of experience and many months of hard study and work, I am officially certified as a Gazelle’s International Business Coach! The organization was founded by Verne Harnish, the author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and new best seller, Scaling Up. There are only 108 of us in the entire world to have achieved this coveted certification. Thank you all for your support and belief over the years!

My first event in April is SOLD OUT! I’m excited to see everyone who’s coming! If you missed it! Pre-register for the next one I am doing on October 1st in Oklahoma City!

What is the Scaling Up Business Growth Workshop?

IF YOU ARE A CEO, I would like to personally invite you and your executive team to join us for the 2015 Scaling Up Business Workshop, along with 25-30 other CEO’s and their teams.
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Learn How to Scale Up Your Business at GrowthCLUB April 2015!

GrowthCLUB April 2015


Join us at GrowthCLUB April 2015! 

1 day every 3 months, it’s vital for you to step out of the business and get focussed! This session will give you clarity on scaling up two important sections of your business:

  • Execution: By the end of this high energy day, you will have a clear understanding of how to have your company’s processes running without drama and drive industry-leading profitability.
  • People: Are all of your stakeholders (employees, customers, shareholders) happy and engaged in your business and would you “rehire” all of them? Learn what the best companies are doing to scale up their businesses!
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Attention Business Owners! Is Your Business Working Harder Than You?

Are you working harder than your business, or is your business working harder than you? If you are working harder than your business, you are among the many self-employed who have succeeded in purchasing a job for themselves! Do you aspire to be an entrepreneur? Then you must figure a way to create a business that works harder than you, so that you can use your spare time to launch other business endeavors or to enjoy the lifestyle that typifies the successful entrepreneur – time with family and time for personal leisure pursuits. So how does one get their business to work harder? There are 6 steps to creating a profitable business that works without you having to be there every day: See more ›

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12 Characteristics Essential for Entrepreneurs.

I am fortunate to stand on the shoulders of Brad Sugars, founder & CEO of ActionCOACH, and the more than 1200 ActionCOACH business coaches located in 29 countries. While thinking about the topic for this article, I came across an article published in ActionSTEPS, our weekly newsletter to business owners. This article so effectively expounded upon my recently published six part series on the Entrepreneur Ladder, that I decided to use it as the basis for today’s column.

By examining the 5 levels of the Entrepreneur Ladder we gain a better understanding of the fundamentals that distinguish ordinary entrepreneurs from the extraordinary. There are certain traits common among successful entrepreneurs. While individual entrepreneurs have many unique traits that are not common to others; all entrepreneurs do share a kindred spirit, a certain type of constitution and outlook, with a special drive and willingness to do what it takes. This article examines a dozen characteristics that are within successful entrepreneurs, without which most people fall short of success in entrepreneurial endeavors. See more ›

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