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I recently listened to a speaker share an incredible idea: What if every business transaction we created could go toward changing the world for good?

What if… Every time you dine out, a hungry child is fed. Every time you buy a book, a tree is planted. Every time someone sees a doctor, a child receives care. Automatically!

The speaker was Paul Dunn, the chairman of B1G1 (Buy 1, Give 1), and that is exactly what they are doing! B1G1 is shaping a new generation of socially conscious businesses. They offer businesses a platform to connect to causes from around the world and have a major impact.

If you are a business leader, the idea is simple – for every transaction your business generates, you help someone in need.

As a B1G1 partner, businesses are connected to a database of non-profit organizations from around the world. Businesses choose the non-profits that resonate with them. Then, after every business transaction, they effortlessly give to their selected causes.

For example, every time a customer buys a cup of coffee from Sarnies Cafe, they give to a non-profit organization in Malawi, Africa that provides clean drinking water to the underprivileged.

Printed on every coffee cup reads, “This is no ordinary coffee. When you drink a Sarnies Coffee, a child in Malawi is getting access to life saving water. Thank you!” 

B1G1 was founded in 2007. Today, they have over 2,000 businesses in their network that have impacted over 100 MILLION people!

After hearing Paul speak, I felt that God impressed on my heart, “Impact 1,000,000 lives.” That’s why I signed up become the first lifetime B1G1 global partner in Oklahoma. 


Here is how I am using my business coaching business with B1G1 to impact lives:

1. Whenever we sign up a new client to receive clarity in their business, we give one visually impaired person in Indonesia surgery to receive sight for the rest of their lives.

2. Whenever a business owner signs up for our group business coaching program, we give a social entrepreneur in India seed funding for a day.


3. Whenever a business owner attends a workshop to educate themselves, a disadvantaged child receives a school kit so he can receive an education.

4. Whenever a business owner attends a free business strategy session, we give one day of business training to a woman in Malawi, Africa.

Imagine if every time you did business, someone’s life was impacted. What causes resonate with you? How many lives could your business impact?

Profit is good. Money is a tool. But if you are like me and have a passion and calling for doing good with your business, B1G1 is a perfect opportunity to impact the world for good. That is why I am excited about my partnership with B1G1.

Help me impact 1,000,000 lives. If you aspire to be a business for good, become a B1G1 partner, and join the B1G1 movement.







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