Scaling Up Business Workshop: October 1st, 2015

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If you are a CEO or on the leadership team of a $5M-$150M company*,  join us October 1st for the world-renowned Scaling Up Business Growth Workshop! This is the very first to be hosted in Oklahoma City!

Discover why more than 20,000 executives and their leadership teams use the proven Rockefeller Habits 2.0 tools and strategies to scale up smarter.

In just one day, you and your leadership team can gain clarity in the four critical decisions facing every business leader:

  • People: Are all stake holders happy and engaged? Would you rehire all of them?
  • Strategy: Can you simply state your firm’s strategy? Is it driving sustainable growth?
  • Execution: Are all the processes in your company running smoothly without drama? Are they driving industry leading profitability?
  • Cash: Do you have consistent sources of cash to fuel growth?

“Learning the Rockefeller Habits is the single best thing we have done as a company. It has led to complete company alignment, faster learning and numerous breakthroughs. More importantly, the process has allowed us to thrive despite being in an industry that has fallen almost 70% in the last number of years. I consider it a must for any leadership team looking to grow its business.”

Jeff Booth
CEO BuildDirect

2015 Scaling Up Business Workshop:
Thurs. October 1st
Union Plaza
3030 NW Expressway, Suite 1800
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Questions? Contact me at (405) 237-0019
or simply reply to this e-mail.
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