5 Reasons Why Business Owners Can’t Find Good People

I frequently hear business owners and CEOs say: “I can’t find good people for my business!”

If you want to assemble a champion team, accept this truth: “I get the people I deserve!” 

Having a great hiring system that reveals the candidates’ character is foundational. Here are 5 reasons (among many) of why leaders fail to find good people. 

1. They don’t pay well enough

Hire fewer people and pay them more!

A-players will, on average, outperform B-players by 3x and C-players by 9x! If you hire an A-player and pay them twice what you’d normally pay a B-player, you’re ahead of the game.

Be a company that attracts A-players! Hire 1/3 of the number of employees, pay the A-players double what you currently pay your B-players, and win by getting more productivity with a lower total cost of wages!

2. They don’t proactively recognize and show appreciation

Look for reasons to publicly congratulate and acknowledge team members. Giving employees feedback only when they make a mistake is demotivating.

The Gallup Organization surveyed over than 4 million employees on praise. They have found that individuals who receive regular recognition and praise:

  • Are more productive
  • Are more likely to remain with the company
  • Engagement increases
  • Have increased loyalty and satisfaction scores from customers
  • Achieve better safety records and fewer accidents on the job

3. They don’t set clear expectations

Many employees don’t know what is expected of them. Streamline your strategic plan so every person in your organization can understand the overall plan, as well as their individual role in achieving that plan. A great tool to use is Gazelles International’s One Page Strategic Plan.

The OPSP aligns the team around priorities and metrics. This brilliant document shows your team where they are today and what they need to accomplish to help achieve your company’s goals. It gives them context for why they’re doing what they’re doing, and creates peer to peer accountability. 

Contact a Gazelles Coach for help putting together One Page Strategic Plan. 

4. They de-motivate instead of de-hassle

Make it easier for your team to become wildly successful! Look for ways to remove barriers and obstacles out of your team’s way. 

Ask them these questions:

  • “Is there anything that I or the company is doing that’s slowing your progress?”
  • “Are you lacking resources essential to excellent performance?”

Remove those barriers! Slow decisions and unnecessary obstacles are de-motivating to your team!


5. They don’t understand their team’s strengths

You’re a master chess player. Know the strengths and weaknesses of your players.

Strengths fuel you. Weaknesses drain you. Even if your team member is good at something, but it drains them, it’s a weakness. Have conversations with your employees to find those fuels and drains. Make sure your people are in the best position for success. This will ripple to the company’s success.

As a leader, you must accept that face that you get the people you deserve. Learn from these 5 things many get wrong so you can find good people and move your business forward! 


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