For many entrepreneurs, the greatest part of their net worth is their business. Yet, very few are tracking that value! Is your business growing in value or not? What are the keys to growing the value of your business? Too many business owners work hard their entire lives, until they are ready to retire, with no idea of the worth of their business. Most are catastrophically impacted when they learn the value of their business is a fraction of what they hoped.

Through the BizEquity platform, I help business owners and CEOs discover what their business is worth, and what is needed to accelerate value growth. We then implement and monitor a value growth plan to assure the value of the business far exceeds what is needed to comfortably exit.

BizEquity is the first and leading cloud based online business valuation system and engine for small businesses and their advisors. There are 30 million small businesses in the United States and 98% of those don’t know the worth of, what should be their most valuable asset! And, 70% are underinsured! Now, you can receive a business valuation estimate in real-time, for a fraction of the historical cost of professional valuations. 

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