Most companies are ignoring their greatest opportunity for increasing profits – employee engagement!

On average, only about 30% of a typical company’s employees are fully engaged in their jobs. This means that about 70% of a typical company’s employees are either disengaged or actively disengaged in their jobs. Engage and Grow certified coaches specialize in helping business leaders & HR Managers create fully engaged employees in only a matter of weeks and months. Imagine the impact on your bottom line if you could reverse these engagement numbers to 70% of your team being fully engaged!

The Engage and Grow program has been neurologically designed (Group Activation System) to motivate employees to full engagement and deselect those who are C-players. Traditional leadership practices have produced the profit enemy of low engagement. To defeat it, we must have the courage to reject many of our archaic methods and to adopt new ones, known to have the greatest impact on inspiring human performance.


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