Who is Rob Garibay


Business Expert and Coach Rob Garibay


To help my clients achieve clarity and true fulfillment in their lives.

Core Values:

  1. Honor God in Everything
  2. Client’s Needs Come Before Mine
  3. Speak the Truth in Love
  4. Insatiable Hunger for Personal Growth
  5. Disciplined in Everything

What makes Rob different from other business coaches?

Ranked #3 business coach in the US
Ranked #15 business coach in the world
Certified Scaling Up Coach
Engage and Grow Coach
Founding Partner John Maxwell Leadership Coach
Book author: “Energize Your Profits
Keynote Speaker

About Me:

I primarily work with visionary CEOs and owners of $5M – $200M companies (15 – 2000 employees) who have a bigger vision than they have been able to obtain to-date. They possess an action oriented fearless belief in self, yet humble, love learning and embrace accountability to grow personally & corporately.

My purpose is to help my clients achieve clarity and true fulfillment in their lives. I do this by asking questions that no one has previously asked, providing a knowledgeable outside perspective, accountability they need to be at their best, and being a confidant with whom they can trust their deepest fears and challenges, because it is lonely at the top.

How I got into Coaching:

After earning my mechanical engineering degree from Case Institute of Technology, Case Western Reserve University, I realized that I was too driven to sit at a CAD computer, so immediately gravitated into business development. In 1984 I had, what Michael Gerber calls, an “entrepreneurial seizure,” and started a technology company with a friend. We quickly grew this business. After rescuing the Space Shuttle Main Engine program upon a launch abort at T minus 4 seconds before liftoff, we became a first tier supplier to Ford and General Motors and grew to over 90 employees in an 18 month period. I had to learn a lot of lessons quickly! Some lessons I didn’t learn until after selling the business 15 years later.

Although quite successful, I realized that growing a business through trial and error is costly and time consuming. Sometimes success can make us overconfident. If I had a business coach when I subsequently invested into a dot com startup (right before the bubble burst), I would have avoided losing a lot of money! It disappears much faster than it takes to earn it!

I got into coaching because I believe that entrepreneurialism is one of the highest callings in life. To be truly successful and fulfilled, we will be continuously challenged to grow in every aspect of our lives.

You are reading this because you have a vision to make your life and the lives of others better. As a business leader, you are a key to protecting our freedoms that we enjoy as a nation. I have made the final chapter of my life’s mission to help business owners and CEOs accelerate the good that you do by accelerating your learning, your clarity, and development as a leader. If you are up to the challenge, I am willing to put my shoulder against your wheel.

My Learning Journey

  • Successfully built and sold a technology business over a 15 year period
  • Learned that it’s easier and faster to lose money, but not as fun as making it!
  • President of a Danish Corporation’s US operations
  • Author of Energize Your Profits and contributing author of Roadmap to Success both available on Amazon
  • Ranked # 3 in the US and #15 in the world among 1200 + business coaches
  • Have helped my clients win over 80 local, national, and international awards while transforming their lives and the lives of their team.
  • Became a certified Gazelles International Coach
  • Became an owner of an ActionCOACH franchise
  • Founding Partner John Maxwell Leadership Coach
  • Certified Engage and Grow Coach
  • 4 time recipient of the Action Man Award- 
Business coach of the year
  • Coach of the Year TX/OK Region
  • Best Group Coaching of the Americas
  • Fastest Business Growth Award
  • Guest lecturer at the Price College of Entrepreneurship of The University of Oklahoma
  • Married to my beautiful wife, Cheryl for 40 years, with 3 lovely daughters

Being a business owner should be an exciting, fulfilling, liberating experience where you can not only help your family but many others within your community. Message me if I can be a resource for you!